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Hebei Joinwin Architectural Design Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise in manufacturing and development of architectural woven interiors fabric.

We have engaged in woven metal interiors products more than 20 years and have accumulated rich experiences in this field. We are always devoted ourselves to working on mesh pattern design, surface treatment service, frame design and installation system.

Product range
Product range

We provide a comprehensive solutions for metal mesh in any form or design. Our products include architectural woven metal mesh,glass laminated mesh,wire cable rope mesh,expanded/perforated metal mesh and metal mesh curtain products such as coil drapery mesh curtain,chain link curtain, spi    ral metal mesh curtain,chain mail mesh curtain, etc.

Our stainless steel woven mesh width is up to six meters and a virtually unlimited lengths, just cut to the size of your need.Up to now, we have hundreds of products for customers’option. 

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  • Product range
  • Product range


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    Architectural metal mesh and Decorative wire mesh supplier for Design, Art and Architecture. Joinwin manufactures architectural wire mesh for the building decorative solutions, such as for ceilings, walls, interior curtains, exterior facades,screens, space room divider,protection and fence railings. You can use architectural metal mesh almost limitless range forms and styles in interior and exterior. It gives your building an amazing view and reaches a unique aesthetic.

    You will find our woven wire mesh at airports, train stations, office buildings, hotel, parking garages, shops and exhibition stands at trade fairs around the world. our all Architectural mesh meets the most stringent standards of fire safety, resistant to the effects of weather and corrosion.

Joinwin Architectural Design has achieved certifications from international and Professional organizations such as SGS,ISO9001:2015,CQC,etc.


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Our most important pride is our customers. 90% of the old customers who cooperate with us are more than 16 years, we are so proud of that our customer is becoming bigger and bigger with our support and cooperation.

We provide decoration interiors fabric materials for decoration indoor and outdoor projects all over the world, mainly customers and countries we export including in the United States, Britain, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Australia, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Albania, etc. Extremly high reputation from customers of all over the world.


Exporting country
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Joinwin Design is committing to providing architectural and interior design companies as well as studios with decorative metal interiors products and installation advice, helping to translate their design ideas into realizable design solutions.

From idea to conception through development and implementation, we offer our customers a full-service to suit your each application and your idea.

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